Raindance (AAAA)

Raindance (AAAA)


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Celebrity genetics have created one powerhouse of a strain in Raindance, as an initial cross between Chemdawg 4 and Chemdawg BX was then bred with Deadhead OG.

Unlike many other strains, her flavors and aromas tend to differ quite a bit. You’ll notice a mixture of blueberry, diesel, and flowers as the nugs are broken up and smoked while pine, lemon, and spicy blueberry dance along your tastebuds.

Depending on the activities you have planned, Raindance might actually be a great strain for any time of the day. She brings an ideal blend of enthusiasm and relaxation that can manifest itself in various ways. No matter what, she’ll offer massive amounts of euphoria to your life with a cerebral kick that’s unlike any other. Happiness won’t leave you as you continue to soar along your high, yet eventually a slight bit of sedation will set in that keeps you grounded without being overly heavy


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