Green-O-Matic (AAAA)

Green-O-Matic (AAAA)




Green-O-Matic is a hybrid autoflowering strain that contains indica, sativa and cannabis ruderalis genetics. The strain is the result of crossbreeding parent strains Moroccan, White Dwarf and Low Rider.

Green-O-Matic offers a high that mostly targets the body and generates relaxation. The body high is characterized by sensations of sleepiness and a calm couch lock. This high will also get users feeling quite hungry and may trigger the munchies.

This strain also offers a bit of a head high which brings a nice balance to the stone. The head high is quite thought provoking, meditative and also assists in bringing the smoker into a blissful state of relaxation.

When smoking a bowl full of Green-O-Matic, users may be surprised by the pleasant and complex taste that they experience. The beautiful flavours that this strain offers include that of hashish, diesel, lemon, bubblegum, berries and earthiness. The scents given off from blazing this strain are also very impressive. Aromas including lemon, hash ,and butterscotch can be detected.


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Half Quarter (3.5g), Quarter (7g), Half Ounce (14g), Ounce (28g)


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