Frosted Edelweiss (AAAA)


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5/1/2019 4:57:02 PM

The best marijuana I have ever smoked thus far after 17 yrs of daily smoking. I have never had anything quite like this, and I almost wanted to write the review for this specific strain in all bold. This will send you to cerebral f-town and squint your eyes before you even exhale. That deep, classic gas taste, and the happiness following....This is my new 10. You guys at piffery sent me some good bud here, straight fire, and this one takes the cake.


5/10/2019 4:56:52 AM

Very nice strain, with a unique look and nose. Kind of a sweet, musky kush odour with a creamy finish. Nice high, with a heavier indica leaning stone. Not lights out, but strong and laziness inducing for sure. Found myself fighting between wanting to do something.......and then not wanting to do anything. Nice bag appeal....frosty and coloured. Definitely worth the 💰 with the first purchase discount 👍


5/23/2019 2:29:57 PM

Really enjoyed this strain. Nice sized buds and good taste. Finally an indica that can potentially couch lock and fantastic for sleep with a quick bowl right before bedtime. For me the buzz lasts about 1 hour before I start to notice that I'm sobering up but even then I still feel lethargic when I do get motivated. Highly recommend!


6/1/2019 5:32:01 AM

Great strain with beautiful frosty nugs very unique sweet earthy taste nice clear headed high that sinks into a strong full body couch lock